Agile, Scrum, SM, PO, Squad, Tribe

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Sven Schippers
Hello! I am Sven Schippers

Scrum practitioner & Agile coach

So who am I exactly and how would I be able to help you out these days ?Well, basically I’m a professional IT consultant with 20 years of experience in software engineering and development. On top of that, I have several years of experience in subjects such as team & project management, agile coaching and scrum.

In recent years, I have been involving myself in several startup companies, as I always like the dynamics that come with such environments. In some cases, I contributed to development of the project, in other cases, I helped coaching the team and applied agile methodologies and acted as a Scrum Master (PSM I Certified).

When I’m not doing ‘stuff’ for a particular client, I like to experiment with 360° photography or make an exploratory flight with one of my drones. Don’t worry: as I have a professional drone pilot license, I’m allowed to do this ! Apart from these, I have a never-ending passion and interest in aviation, I’m an AFOL (Adult fan of LEGO) and I’m never afraid to grab a good book for reading. Checkout this site to learn more about drone & 360° photography !

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My Services


As an experienced scrum master and product owner,  I can assist with managing and facilitating your scrum teams and improve the related processes where needed, or alternatively, train your people to become a proficient scrum master or product owner and follow up when they bring their new knowledge into practice.

Project follow up

Often, startup entrepreneurs  do all kinds of things at the same time: programming, project follow up, business development, you name it, they all do it. As a result, there’s a lack of focus which results in things going far too slow. In a startup, going (too) slow is not an option. Why don’t you ask me to do the project management and follow up so that you gain time to do what you really need to do: making the business take-off.

Agile Coaching

Many companies, both startups and established organisations, still don’t work in an agile way. Those that do want to start with it, often struggle with how to organise and set it up. Scrum, SM, PO, Squad, Tribe, Chapter etc. are just a few names that add up to the complexity of the processes. As an agile professional, I can guide your organisation through the many aspects and help you with setting up your agile processes.

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